Lindsay's Desserts requires a 50% minimum deposit on all orders before work can begin. The actual amount will be given to you upon the final agreement of the product in which you ordered. Lindsay will give you an invoice totalling the final amount, as well as the agreed deposit.


All prices are Canadian. Please view our Terms of Service.





If you wish to send a cheque to Lindsay’s Desserts, please ensure that your project has been accepted by Lindsay beforehand. Please avoid sending cash in the mail. Lindsay’s Desserts is not held responsible if cash or cheque is lost or stolen through the mail.


Please contact Lindsay at or 604 671-5939 for remittance details and address.



If you prefer to pay by paypal, follow the steps below:




Click Here to pay now:


This will open up a new page. Follow the instructions on the screen at
You and Lindsay will both receive a confirmation email from PayPal. Please keep or print out this receipt as it will be proof of payment. You will then receive a second confirmation email from Lindsay within a maximum of 48 hours that she received your payment. If you have any questions or concerns, please Email Lindsay.


paypal is a safe, secure form of payment.

Please note that upon payment the paypal title is "donation". This is not a donation, but a simpler way of making payment. Lindsay's Desserts view this as a payment.

A paypal account is not required to pay through paypal. Paypal accepts all major forms of credit card and is a safe, secure form of payment online.

Payment Methods
Lindsay’s Desserts preferred accepts personal/company cheques, email money transfer or PayPal. Please contact Lindsay’s Desserts for any other payment methods.


Lindsay’s Desserts asks for a 50% deposit to start the product required. As the product will need to be baked, cooled and prepared prior to presentation, this deposit will secure those costs endured (please see Terms of Service for refund/cancellation information). Final payment is to be remitted at time of delivery/pick up, to your Lindsay’s Desserts representative. Please refer to “Payment Methods” above for details.


Lindsay’s Desserts will credit a full refund with 48 hours notice; any later will result in loss of 50% deposit. Refund will be in form remitted.

In the result that Lindsay’s Desserts cannot create your cake; Lindsay’s Desserts will contact you prior to accepting deposit.


In the result that payment is not received for finished product legal actions may be required. If applicable please refer to agreed contract.